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German Translation Services 

Digital Technology Sector

As the world becomes increasingly connected and digital, the importance of digital technology continues to grow. This is reflected in particular by the emergence of major new fields in recent years, such as Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. 


Our German translation services help organisations to keep pace with developments in these exciting areas and make the most of the opportunities that they present.

B&M Translation Services - Professional German Translation Service - Digital Technology
B&M Translation Services - Professional German Translation Service - Digital Technology

Startups, SMEs and large corporations in the Digital Technology sector trust us to translate their specialist Tech texts, as well as their Business Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, Financial and Information Technology documents and websites, from German into English and from English into German.

Since the translation of such texts often requires specialist knowledge and expertise, your translations for the Digital Technology sector should always be left to experienced professionals. With B&M Translation Services, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your German translations are being taken care of by highly qualified and experienced mother-tongue translators who are specialists in their chosen translation discipline (e.g. marketing translation) and have relevant translation experience in the Digital Technology industry. What’s more, you can rest assured that your German translations will always be completed on time and on budget.

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Just some of the texts that we translate for digital technology companies...

■  Advertisements (print & digital)

■  Apps and websites

■  Articles, blogs and newsletters

■  Case studies

■  Company accounts

■  Employee magazines

■  Employment contracts

■  Mailing campaigns

■  Posters, banners, DOOH

■  Press releases

■  Presentations

■  Product packaging/descriptions

■  Sales brochures

■  Social media campaigns

■  Supplier contracts

■  Tender documents

■  Terms & Conditions

■   Training material

■  User guides

■  UI text 

■  Video content

Englisch-Übersetzung - von klassischen IT-Bereichen bis hin zu Zukunftstechnologien

From established IT fields to emerging technologies

■  Artificial intelligence

■  Augmented reality

■  Big data

■  Blockchain

■  Cloud computing

■  Cyber security

■  Data centres

■  Digital marketing

■  Digital transformation

■  E-commerce

■  FinTech

■  HealthTech

■  HRTech

■  Internet of Things (IoT)

■  Hosting

■  Machine learning

■  Networking

■  Predictive analytics

■  SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, XaaS

■  SAP

■  Social media

■  Software engineering

■  SportsTech

■  Systems administration

■  Telecommunications

■  Virtual reality

■  Web and app development

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Committed to quality

B&M Translation Services is an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and a network member of the European Union Association of Translation Companies (EUATC). This means we have undergone rigorous background and reference checks to confirm our operational viability and our commitment to quality management practices. As part of this, we also adhere to the ATC’s strict Code of Professional Conduct, which is based on the values of excellence, integrity, professionalism, accountability and fairness.

At the same time, all of our German translations are subjected to our own internal multi-stage quality control process for guaranteed results and 100% satisfaction on every project. 


Contact us to discuss your specific translation requirements or to request a free quote for your German technology translation project – we look forward to hearing from you!